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Jonathan Klein CMPS

Creator of Divorce Planning Strategy

Learn how Jonathan Klein uses WorkCenter to get paid for his advice regardless of whether he does a loan transaction. See the secrets of divorce planning to start generating a great referral and income base.

WorkCenter is a feature rich, yet easy to use Contact Management Solution designed for you stay in constant communication with all of your leads, clients and referral partners..

The Bottom Line is WorkCenter will save you Time and Make you Money by eliminating the busy work and allowing you to have a more concentrated marketing effort with less work and more results.

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What is Divorce Planning?

The development of a comprehensive strategy and corresponding tactics that allow individuals either considering or in the process of a divorce that are anxious about how they will afford their obligations during and after their divorce to plan and protect their C.R.A.D.L.E

The foundation of any divorce plan is the acronym C.R.A.D.L.E. This serves as the structure that preserves and protects our clients credit, assets, dependents, life and estate so they can live independently during and after their divorce.

  • Credit
  • Resolve
  • Asset
  • Dependents
  • Life
  • Estate

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